Warehousing in Rotterdam

The warehouses of Logwise Group are strategically positioned in Rotterdam (the gateway to Europe), which allows for convenient access to a vast service area. Set near the Port of Rotterdam, railway, motorway and Rotterdam Airport, our warehouse facilities are frequently utilized by companies of all varieties. Our clientele consists of manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport companies and so on.

Warehousing in Rotterdam

We take the load off your shoulders

Our warehouses with a total storage space capacity of 90.000 m2 plus (967.500 square feet plus) all can be found on prime locations, only a few kilometers from the biggest port in Europe. Rotterdam is the largest logistic and industrial hub in Europe with an unrivaled port location and topography near both sea and river. All in all, the best place of any kind of cargo with easy access to the European market of more than 350 million consumers.

Taking the load off your shoulders with warehousing in Rotterdam is something we strive for every day. Be it a single load, a whole truckload, or a number of loads, Logwise Group will find a solution to meet each and every need.

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Warehousing in Rotterdam

Bonded warehousing

Our bonded warehouse service enhances storage in a customs warehouse. This is mainly characterized by the influence it has on the payment of VAT and import duties. You only pay import duties and VAT when the goods leave our customs warehouse and are brought into ‘free circulation’ in the EU. This brings several advantages, such as: import duties to be paid can be minimized because you have the time to search for optimal rates at the right times. It will also have a positive influence on the liquidity of your company because the payment of import duties is postponed. And in case of re-export, no import duties have to be paid. When your goods are stored in the bonded warehouse, they may be ‘handled’. Note: this is only allowed with the permission of the customs authorities.

Public Warehousing

A public warehouse is a large warehouse that allows businesses to rent space to store and fulfill their products. Space is usually rented according to the amount of square footage occupied by the product. If need be, fulfillment services can be provided for an additional fee by the warehouse.

The key benefits of public warehousing in Rotterdam include:

  • Lower costs: Without having to spend the capital, resources, and time it would take to manage and maintain your own dedicated warehouses, you are able to immediately start stocking goods and shipping to customers.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, you can begin to match inventory forecasting to scale up shelf space and negotiate new service level agreements (sla’s) as needed.
  • Flexibility: Logwise Group can offer month-to-month leases, and when paired with a network of warehouses across the country, this will give you the opportunity to move your goods in a way that aligns with geographic demand.

Flexible short-term warehouse solutions

In case your warehouse’s on-hand capacity prevents it from handling an overflow of inventory, you will need to have an efficient on-demand warehousing solution in place for emergencies. Logwise Group can help you in alleviating a shortage of storage capacity with an expertly managed short-term warehousing service. We will lend you a hand to maintain an effective supply chain, which means your freight will continue promptly. Our flexible storage solutions will take care of your short-term warehousing in Rotterdam needs so you can take full advantage of peak season. You can stock up more inventory in order to sell more goods while increasing your profit margins.

Outsmart your competition

You will gain an advantage over your competition by making use of our warehouse expertise. By using this Logwise Group’s warehouse and our logistic expert knowledge to your advantage, you can rest assured that your inventory will be properly sorted, stored, and transported. Rather than squandering your time and money on trying to do it yourself, you can rely on a specialist resource and concentrate on other things that will contribute toward your enterprise growth aims. So, you can focus on doing what you do best, knowing that our team of specialists is making sure your items are well taken care of while you target on hitting your objectives.