Transportation connects all logistical steps. All goods will have to be moved from one location to another at one point, for example during delivery, production, storage and distribution. Deciding on a way to outsource international transport is a critical decision for your logistics. Choosing a reliable partner is key. Logwise Group arranges the right means of international transport, customs, waybills and required insurances.


Transport in Europe and across the world

Due to our big fleet of own trucks (which are all suited for ADR), we offer daily transport through the whole of Europe. 
We serve many different countries in Europe to ensure consistent coverage and support the international development of your business. We offer solutions for groupage, part loads and full loads to distribution centers or directly to the point of sale.

We have several agents throughout Europe that can assist with special delivery’s (tail lift/small vans). Your goods can be transported across the world thanks to an extensive network of dependable parties. You can expect the best services from us at fair prices.

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International transport

We offer these

types of international transport

Container transport

Logwise Group is a secure third-party facilitator for the shipment of your goods. Our company offers full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) port services and delivery services in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. You only pay for what you need, so this kind of transportation is really cost-efficient.

Special and heavy transport

In need of international transport for your extra large or heavy cargo? We provide all services relating to the organizing, processing, and transportation of any heavy or oversized cargo. We have extendable trailers that can be used to transport your oversized cargo. Whether it involves specialized transport or transport for large industrial plants, we’re a reliable partner. Our trailers are equipped with all necessary permits and will deliver throughout France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Temperature controlled transport

Temperature controlled international transport is one of our main specializations. We have several units, driving through Europe (France/Italy/Germany/Swiss/Austria). Our experts are constantly overseeing your products en route to make sure that they reach their destination safely and on time anywhere you need them to be.

Dedicated transport

Dedicated transport is used exclusively for your specific shipment. Located at strategic points throughout Europe you will find our fleet of several small vans. Being close to a number of important destinations, this provides a fast and cost-efficient way for delivery to factories, offices, airports, stores and ports. No matter what you need, Logwise Group will team up with you in order to reach the ideal solution.

Express delivery

At your request, your goods can be delivered anywhere in Europe within 24 hours. Our express-transportation vans can load up to 1200 kg. If need be, we have several refrigerated and ADR vans to our disposal.

Intermodal transport

In addition to routing transport to European destinations by road, we offer you the opportunity to send goods by road and rail through our intermodal service. We provide intermodal transport to practically any European destination. Along with reducing the emission of up to 75%, intermodal transport ensures low impact on the environment. By utilizing the substantial reduction in fuel consumption linked to this mode of transport, it has proven to be very cost-effective over long distances.

We care about your cargo

Choosing Logwise Group to transport your goods means you can be sure that everything will arrive at the right destination at the right time. We care about your cargo and as such we take pride in taking good care of your goods. We arrange international transport for a wide range of goods, both groupage and full loads. Logwise Group handles large volumes of all kinds of commodities, such as :

  • Solar panels;
  • Electronics;
  • Specialized steel and aluminum;
  • Food grade commodities;
  • FMCG (fast moving consumer goods);
  • Other industrial and consumer products.
International transport - Logwise group

We firmly believe in building a better future for our world. Not only do we offer intermodal transport, we are specialized in the logistics of durable goods such as solar panels. A vast majority of our customers consists of leading companies in the building and solar energy industry. Furthermore, we currently service a number of companies in the steel and aluminum industry and domestic and international forwarding companies.