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We are Logwise Group

Offering flexible and practical warehouse solutions, Logwise Group is known for reasonably priced, effective procedures. With a full understanding of your company’s specific needs, we will develop a perfect logistic system with you in mind.

Logwise Group maybe a relatively new player on the field as we were founded in 2016, the experienced team combines excellent know-how with a no nonsense working ethic in order to provide all clients with the best possible solution to their logistic challenge.

Our team

A team of logistic specialists

Even though we have grown from 6 employers at the start up to 35 enthusiastic staff members at this moment, we take pride in our company still feeling like family. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have earned their stars in logistics. We understand your needs and are dedicated to provide the best possible solution to your logistic challenges.

We know what facilities to use, be it public warehousing, bonded storage, cross-docking or short term, seasonal pop-up storage, allowing us to deliver the services you need for a quick and efficient way to get your products to market. The Logwise Group team knows how to deal with all kinds of different commodities like: solar panels, electronics, specialized steel and aluminum materials, food-grade commodities, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other industrial and consumer products.

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Exceeding expectations

Hands-on practical logistic advice

Transport, warehousing, and distribution are key to your company. Logistic issues need high-quality solutions. At Logwise Group, we fully understand this. Our specialists have years of experience, and they have been delivering top-level storage, and distribution solutions for many years. In addition to warehousing and distribution, we also offer highly professional services in transport.

Customer demand and needs are always central to Logwise Group. And from the start, personal contact with the customer will be maintained. We feel that personal contact contributes to clarity. We take pride in giving the best possible advice. And besides providing custom solutions, expertise and experience, there is a real hands-on mentality.

Every day, we stimulate ourselves to exceed expectations.


Logwise Group: a reliable partner

You can confidently leave the logistical handling of your goods to us. Logwise Group has an AEO-C permit, which comes with several benefits and guarantees. AEO-C stands for Authorized Economic Operator Customs Simplifications. With this permit, we have actually entered into a partnership with Customs. When the AEO-C status is reached, we, together with Customs, are responsible for the safety of incoming and/or outgoing goods. The chain is, as it were, closed because we operate safely. This means, for example, that no unauthorized persons can access the goods.

You can expect higher service levels from a logistics partner with an AEO-C permit. In addition, it’s clear that we meet each and every requirement Customs may have and are therefore a reliable partner. The permit ultimately results in a “green lane” for quick transit, fewer delay and faster shipment. It also allows us to inform you faster and more accurate about the progress of your goods.

About us - Logwise Group

We resolve your logistic challenges

Logwise Group offers world-class and flexible logistic services at competitive rates. By understanding the business model and specific requirements of your business, we can come up with customized storage solutions designed to help you reduce costs. Our commitment to adding value to the supply chain of our customers allows you to put your focus back on your core competency.

Our staff has extensive experience providing logistics services to our clients, allowing us to provide a broad array of options. We provide international and national road transport, warehousing, as well as distribution. You solely pay based on the storage space and services you use. There is no need for you to invest in fixed assets such as warehouse space equipment and there is no overhead such as warehouse employees.

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Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you want to focus on your core business without having to worry about logistics.

Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you are in need of flexible supply chain solutions that can be altered as your company's needs change.

Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you want to take advantage of our strategic position near the port of Rotterdam.

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