European distribution

Distribution is crucial throughout the entire supply chain. Our services go beyond transporting goods from A to B. With the help of Logwise Group, you can fully optimize your supply chain. With our European distribution, everything will be done more efficiently, which ultimately saves costs and time. In short, we can help you pack, repack, label and sticker goods, pick-and-pack and cross-docking.

European distribution

Contract warehousing

Are you tired of all the hassle that the entire logistics process entails? In that case, our contract warehousing service is worth considering. As far as European distribution is concerned, we can handle the receiving, and storage of your goods on a contract basis. With contract warehousing, the facility is already in place and divided into zones for a variety of goods. We provide the space, the employees, equipment, and all the maintenance expenses. Next to which, we are also responsible for most incidental expenses, which further reduces costs at your account.

Public warehousing

However similar they may seem, contract warehousing differs at various points from public warehousing. Public warehousing offers space on a seasonal or first come – first served basis. This means you may not end up with the square footage needed. It all depends on how full our facilities are, because with public warehousing we serve multiple clients. Public warehousing does not enhance any value-added services. It guarantees your specified amount of warehousing space.

European distribution - Logwise Group
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European distribution

Cross-docking services

Our cross-docking services allow moving products directly from the receiving dock to the shipping dock. Once your goods arrive at our cross-dock facility, they are quickly sorted and shipped directly to the destination. Cross-docking increases speed while actually reducing the risk of damage to your products. The process eliminates at least two steps in the logistical procedure where human error is possible: moving products into and out of storage.

Cross-docking requires us to synchronize all outbound and inbound shipping movements. By doing so efficiently, it will reduce the cost by decreasing stockpiling. Cross-docking also involves re-packing, inspection and labeling. It streamlines your European distribution processes, reduces costs, and minimizes inventory.

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Value added services

By outsourcing your supply chain and logistics operations, you will be able to focus on your core business. Without the correct systems, processes or organization management, the risk can rise to unmanageable levels. Attention to details becomes the foremost priority in an outsourced logistics environment, and that is exactly what Logwise Group can help you with. When supply chain management is a necessity for your organization, using us as a third-party logistics provider will make things less complicated, empowering you to take your business to the next level.

We can provide all the services you need to outsource your logistics operations in order to streamline your processes, so you can expand your business and have your products delivered faster to your customers.

These are a few possibilities:

Repackaging & Packaging: Our repackaging and packaging services can be tailored to your specific needs. Our employees have the experience and expertise to repackage and package products of all shapes and sizes. They will make sure that all requirements are met, e.g. labelling to guarantee that numbers, products per unit, and other important details are reflected.

Palletizing: In palletizing, we place items or goods on pallets. Depending on your business and product, we will manually, semi-automated or fully automated put your shipments on pallets. Moving around pallets in our warehouses is more efficient than individual products and by palletizing, we are able to move perishable goods faster while decreasing the risk of spoilage. The palletizing process also reduces the risk of worker injury and last, but not least, pallets allow us to work more cost efficiently.

Pick and pack: Our pick-and-pack service is the ideal way to take the hassle out of delivering all your products the right way at the right place and time. All our employees will be trained in your company’s unique requirements, ensuring that your goods are cared for professionally whilst delivering the same level of service as your customers are accustomed to from your business.

european distribution - logwise group

Why choose Logwise Group?

The focus of our organization is on details, customer satisfaction and getting the task done. We see your problems as ours, because they are ours when you choose to outsource your logistics to Logwise Group. Over the years we have proved time and time again to be a dedicated, independent, discrete and reliable partner.

Every company has its own core competencies. Ours are warehousing, distribution and transport. Allow Logwise Group to take care of your European distribution, so you can fully focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you want to focus on your core business without having to worry about logistics.

Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you want to take advantage of our strategic position near the port of Rotterdam (the gateway to the European market with a potential 600 million consumers).

Our mission and vision

Choose Logwise Group if

you are in need of flexible supply chain solutions that can be altered as your company's needs change.

European distribution - Logwise group